Mens Turf Competition


Cricket Southern Bayside manages an open age men’s turf competition across the region.

A competition based on promotion and relegation providing an opportunity for teams to provide an appropriate competitive level.

Saturday competition is broken into multi-format grades and one-day grades. On Sunday's CSB offers one-day cricket and a separate Masters competition.

Working on an 8 teams per division (exceptions in lower one day grades) provides an opportunity for all teams in the multi-format competition to play each other once in a two-day cricket (whites/creams and red ball), then once in a white ball match (coloured clothing) broken into one-day and T20 matches.

In the multi-grade divisions a separate white ball ladder is kept (with points still counting in the overall season and premiership ladder) resulting in the top two white ball teams playing off in a White Ball Grand Final in early February.

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