CSB/SECA/ISEC/AGCC Integration Update
Date of Event : Wed May 9, 2018 2:30PM
Rohan O'Neill (CV), Rod Kimmitt (CSB), Iain Giles (ISEC) and Phil Cox (SECA) after signing Heads of Agreement

Exciting step forward for cricket in the region


In an exciting development the boards of Cricket Southern Bayside (CSB), the South East Cricket Association (SECA) and Inner South East Cricket/All Girls Cricket Competition (ISEC/AGCC) have agreed to an integration plan to deliver and develop cricket in the region. The integration plan will bring all organisations together under the CSB framework over a multi-year transitional period.

CSB Chairman Rod Kimmitt noted “This agreement has been the result of over a year of frank and robust discussions between all parties. The goal of these discussions has been the development of a structure that would deliver increased benefits for all members, participants and the game of cricket across the region. We firmly believe that the plan meets this goal and will allow the game to not only survive but thrive”.

The first step of this plan was enacted on Tuesday 8 May with the signing of a Heads of Agreement between each organisation, including Cricket Victoria. This document compels a cooperative approach towards the development of a Deed of Transition which will cover important items such as governance, operations, financial models and historical records.

Whilst the Deed of Transition is being developed, CSB have invited representatives of both SECA and ISEC/AGCC to fill the currently vacant non-elected appointed seats on the CSB Board. Once the Deeds of Transitions have been developed and ratified by the relevant associations all member clubs will then have full voting rights to nominate and vote on the six elected CSB positions.

Mr Kimmitt noted “In the initial stages there will no immediate impact on the operation of any of the competitions involved. However, the agreement does allow for the appointment of additional Cricket Victoria resources across the region, and ushers in a new level of cooperation across associations”.

The Board of CSB would like to thank the respective boards and representatives of ISEC/AGCC, SECA and Cricket Victoria for their willingness to engage in this process and look forward to working together to deliver a great outcome for all members and the great game of cricket.

CSB will shortly be holding an information session to present the transition plan in its entirety and allow members the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional information. At this stage it is anticipated that this session will take place immediately following the AGM in June.

Attachment - Heads of Agreement Media Release  


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